SpaceLink Mesh solution is a move away from the ‘star-topology’ of SpaceLink Broadband and SpaceLink Direct by providing a ‘mesh-topology’ network. This enables a single-satellite hop between any remote sites in the network. Any sites can be a hub and the remote at the same time.

ScopeTel offers a few technology options to implement SpaceLink Mesh using cutting edge technology from leading VSAT and networking system manufacturer. Each technology can suit a particular customer requirement. Among the available technology offered for SpaceLink Mesh are:

  • iDirect Infinity Bandwidth-On-Demand, Multi-protocol Networking VSAT system (TDMA Mesh)
  • Verso Technologies Netperformer and Skyperformer System (SCPC Mesh)
  • Comtech EF Data Satellied-Based IP Network (SCPC Mesh)

SpaceLink Mesh also supports data networking, voice telephony and video conferencing on the application layer.